Marriage without Commitment

Society has become very mobile, and people can end up thousands of miles from where they grew up. Even those who only move a few miles will experience a different type of life, and this leads them down unexpected paths from those they looked forward to finding in life. Many people are looking for a true commitment in their relationship, and they breathe easier once they are married. Unfortunately, some of them will eventually find out their partner does not consider marriage a real commitment because they have married several times without the bother of legally ending them.

The mobility of people within today’s society has forced many changes in society, and the availability of online information is part of those changes. People who are unsure of their partner’s past can check out some of the facts online, but there is no guarantee they will find everything they seek. For those who want marriage as a true commitment, this presents issues that might never be resolved.

Governments have now learned that mobility gives people the opportunity to sidestep their legal responsibilities, so they now require proof of divorce for a new marriage. This sounds like a guarantee of safety, but there is no way to prove someone is actually single if they never admit to a prior marriage. There are also those who have found they can marry several times and use one set of divorce papers to marry again.

Society is still dealing with these types of mobility and information issues, and a person who refuses to recognize legal boundaries is someone who is not making a true commitment to their marriage. They see it simply as an opportunity to get what they need in a relationship without commitment on their part, and they are content that their partner will pay the price for them in the end.