Out of Time

Couples date long enough to make their decision to commit or find someone new, but those with commitment issues will often stall as long as possible. They want to remain connected with the other person, but the thought of marriage is overwhelming. If one person has been ready for years to get married and start a family, they might decide they are out of time to continue waiting. Whether it is their biological clock ticking away or their need to feel appreciated, ending the relationship might be their only choice.

The former partner of a person unwilling to commit for any reason has the right to move on and find someone else. Their need to be in safe and stable relationship of their choice is important, and they do not have to wait for someone else to make their decisions. Some people who have failed to take their partner’s needs seriously have found the other person was able to find a good partner and have the life they originally planned.

It can be heartbreaking for those who refused to marry a former partner who loved them deeply to see them enjoying a family with someone else, but their failure was often to get professional help. Solving their issues might have taken time, but they ran out of it when their former partner realized they would do nothing about it. It might seem as if they deserve sympathy, but it is also true that they should have acted when there was still time positive change to help salvage their interactions.

Many people in this situation will do nothing at all, and they might even blame the partner who walked away from them. They could see the situation as the person was just not willing to give them the time they needed, but it is often just another excuse to refuse to commit.