Ready to Move Forward

There seem to always be some couples who never quite make it to the land of relationship commitment, and it can be difficult to understand why they remain together. Some of them might find their lack of a formal commitment enhances their relationship, but others are struggling in terms of getting their partner to begin taking the future seriously. If this is the case, there may come an incident that makes one person ready to move forward with or without the other person.

A partner refusing to commit usually does not make a bold statement, so it can be a slippery slope for the other person in the relationship to pin down the reason they have not gotten married. Their relationship could be one that began as just a fun series of dates, but it might have progressed well beyond that phase. Settling down and starting a family can be the goal of one person, but the other could keep coming up with reason to wait just a little longer before they take the plunge. The passing of an aged loved one, a new career opportunity, or even just watching friends and family begin their own future with loving spouses could trigger the final need to move ahead or move on.

It is never easy to leave someone who is loving, yet a partner endlessly waiting to start on their future might begin to question if there is any love at all. While the person with commitment issues might be attentive and caring, their failure to do the one thing that will ensure the relationship continues can be maddening. A constant string of excuses is just that, and it should be a sign the relationship is not a true one that benefits both partners.

Moving on could be the best way to get past a relationship that was never going to work, but the emotional toll can be heavy. Guilt, the feeling that staying just a bit longer might have made everything right, and even the possibility that it was a waste of time are all part of what the person who left could experience. It might be painful at first, but seeking love and a new relationship elsewhere could be the best gift for the person who wants a future with a real partner.