Too Comfortable to Commit

Relationships take on many forms, and the majority of people have more than one. If they are dating someone, they often have friends and family members who have been with them for many more years. Those who find their first relationships very comfortable might not want to make any changes, and they refuse to commit to their partner who would expect them to do more. They are too comfortable to make a real commitment to their partner, but they do not want to lose the relationship.

When a partner refuses to make a commitment, it is always best to look at their life as a whole. A person might still live at home with their parents, and it may be the best of all possible worlds for them. They do not have to worry about paying rent or mortgage, the utilities are taken care of, and there is always food on the table. Looked at from this point of view, there is little wonder they are never going to be ready to move in or marry their partner.

It is not easy to get someone to voluntarily give up a comfortable life, and it is then time to make the decision to put up with the situation indefinitely or move on. In some relationships, the fear of never finding anyone else is what keeps people together. It takes courage to face the dating world again, but a new person might be a better match for a lifetime.

When a person dating someone who is too comfortable to make a commitment decides to move on, they will feel the loss of their former relationship. It could take some time to find someone new, but it can be done. One of the best things about moving on is finding someone new and being able to see how much better life can be.